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main illustration image - MTBE Lipid Extraction
Tutorial Method
This basic method provides the core methodology for translating a workflow into OneLab-executable script(s) as an attempt to fully or semi-automate a specific procedure. It demonstrates the benefits of automation and highlights OneLab capabilities and best practices to promote solution adoption, helping transition from manual to a more automated approach. It can be used alone or serves as a building block for a more complex workflow and is easily adaptable to users' requirements.
Version 1, 30 Oct 2022 at 8:14 AM
Lipids are important molecules involved in energy metabolism, signaling, and membrane formation. They are pivotal in understanding disease and its progression. Here we highlight an automated MTBE liquid-liquid extraction method of lipids and small molecules from biological matrices. The automated method helps streamline this multi-step extraction protocol saving time and reducing operator errors.